TayRC Spring Regatta Crews

Race Report – Scottish Rowing Spring Regatta – 22nd April 2023

Race 1: WNov2x

Despite leaving at the crack of dawn to allow enough time to get a trailer load of boats to Strathclyde Park before our 09:40 race, by the time we had navigated the parking, got our bow number and rigged the boat, it was a swift launch and row up to the start of the women’s novice double skulls qualifying heat.

The mild panic ensured our heart rates were up and the on-board flask of coffee was the only hydration we’d organised between us.

We had a fantastic start and a solid race, realising at the 500m mark that we had secured a top 3 placement and could ease off a little. To our left was a Strathclyde Park double that we knew we were going to have to watch out for in the final as they were not letting us get too far away.

We had a little bit of time to relax and prepare for the final and a better opportunity to realise just how choppy the lake was as we practiced some starts and pressure pieces up to the stake boats.

We tried to suss out our opposition with the Strathclyde park crew from our previous race still being the ones we had our eye on. A lovely double who had travelled all the way from Belfast were the winners of the other qualifying heat so they were next to us at the start.

Once again, our start was solid, and Heather fought the steering against the wind and kept us within our lane. As predicted, it was a race to first place between ourselves and the Strathclyde park crew and as the water got rougher, the steering got harder to manage and Heather and I made the final 200m hard work for ourselves to gain just 2 seconds on our opponents.

As we paddled on from the 1Km finish to the pontoons, chatting away to the Belfast ladies we heard cheers of encouragement from our club on the bank. We were a little confused when they told us we had come 2nd and that we looked like we were ‘going slowly’. Turns out that they thought we were mid race as we casually paddled back to the pontoons, planning a visit to Belfast. Thank you Strathclyde Park Crabb and McGonagle for the close race. You won’t be Novice status for much longer!

Race 2: WNov4x+

The crew in Arun from Tay RC racing in the wnov4x+ category; Kilnkman (stroke), Scott, Adams and Malloch (Bow), headed by Murphy as a first time cox feeling confident after several successful sessions on the Tay were apprehensive to get the 900m time trial race started.

Some strong winds met us at the start line but after a sucesful rolling start the crew mannaged to hold strong.

Aware that the boat was quickly taking on water due to the choppy conditions the crew the crew focused on keeping together and pushing hard to get past the finish line and achevied a time which got us through to the B final.

The crew set off again but this time with McKenzie as cox. With the choppy conditions getting up to the launch point proved a challenge. After a strong push to start it quickly became aparent that the boat had lost steering so veered into the the lane to our right forcing us to have to make an abrupt stop and make the rest off the way down the course working as a crew to manovour Arun

Tay RC Arun crew thoroughly enjoyed its visit to Strathclyde Park and the members of this crew are looking forward to seeing what they can achieve at the upcoming sprint races

Race 3: W4x

The last race of the day for Tay RC was a straight final in the women’s coxless quad category. The crew consisted of Paige Klinkman at stroke, Lucy Rogers, Tara Scott and Heather McKenzie steering at bow.

The crew boated at the designated boating time but due to some capsizes in the junior single categories before them were delayed by quite some time. It was almost an hour later than planned Tay got attached to the stake boat and prepared to race the 2k course at Strathclyde Park.

The crew got off to a really quick start and were contending for first place for the first 250m. The power and skill of the AUBC university boat meant they had pulled away from the pack but Tay clung on to the 2nd place- keeping Edinburgh uni crew off for a good 800m.

The course opened up and some choppy conditions ensued in the middle section of the race but Tay kept it together and persevered. The final 500m was a chance to regain some metres on the EUBC boat and finish the race off strong. Tay pushed for the line and put it some excellent work to power the quad over the line into 3rd place.

An excellent result for the crew and club.

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