Stay healthy this winter

Stay healthy this winter!

Like all clubs, we’ve got members from a variety of backgrounds with a tonne of knowledge in their specialised field. So for our latest blog, we’ve asked a couple of our medical professionals to give us some good tips for you all on how to boost your immune system going into the winter! Here’s what they had to say…

Stewart says: “As winter approaches and infections become more common it is important to boost your immune system.  The best way to do this is a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables. In particular citrus fruit, green vegetables, onion and garlic are beneficial. One important ingredient is zinc which is richest in seafood and many nuts. Stay warm before and after exercise.”

Aaron says: “As we come into winter with increasing restrictions in place it’s so important to continue to get outside and exercise. To keep your immune system strong whilst exercising over winter be sure to carb up a couple of hours prior to exercising and snacking during longer bouts. To continue to improve your fitness despite the challenges winter brings try and maintain a consistent quality exercise schedule and sleep pattern, keeping up with this day to day will help you meet your goals. The benefits exercise brings to your mental health also cannot be overstated enough. Getting out in the fresh air and moving increases release of the brains neurotransmitters which make you feel good and provide a state of positive well being. This is important at any time in life, but whilst we are limited in what we can do with Covid-19 it’s important to use these opportunities to their fullest, and whilst we are bias we feel rowing is a great way to do this. Regular sessions will improve your neuronal activity resulting in increased concentration and memory. The key message for us is to continue rowing during winter (even if we need to wrap up a bit more than usual!) and keep to the current guidelines to decrease transmission of Covid-19 which the club are promoting at every session.”

Stay healthy! Happy rowing!

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