Cold Weather Rowing ❄️

With the days beginning to grow colder lately, it’s important to remind ourselves that rowing in winter can be very different from the summer conditions we have gotten used to. The cold winter weather increases the risk of hypothermia, but we can advert this by focusing on being prepared and wearing sufficient clothing. Several thin layers of clothing, preferably with a waterproof garment on top, hats or earmuffs, thick leggings and waterproof socks are all good options for clothing.

Coxswains, especially, need to ensure warmth around the head, neck, lower back and extremities. Clothing should ideally be wind and waterproof but avoid undue bulk.

As well as wearing appropriate clothes for partaking in rowing, it’s important to have spare clothes to change into in the event of a capsize (no matter how unexpected that may be!). Keeping a spare bag of warm, dry clothes to change into in your car is a good idea to be prepared for all eventualities this winter.

Although cold weather rowing requires more preparation and thought, I hope I haven’t put anyone off it. The crisp, frosty Saturday morning’s where the mist rises of the glassy flat river are definitely worth it!

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